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When you begin your journey with us, you become a member of an exclusive program created by us, your collective team, to help you avoid The Disconnected Design Trap™.   Our members are kind, trusting and respectful people who see the value in working with a team of creative professionals experienced in helping you achieve your design vision.   Working with our unique team of highly skilled and trusted professionals will help you connect emotionally to what you really want.


We have two programs for you to choose from: “Luxe” and “Ultra Luxe".


We realize however these exclusive programs are not for everyone.  They are for trusting, kind and respectful people who are willing to work collaboratively and patiently with professionals. You are also open to new ideas and appreciate creative input. If this sounds like you, you might be a great candidate for these exclusive programs.

We created The Collective Connection Process™ based on our experience working with thousands of clients over many years. We’ve learned that some people do not achieve the best outcomes with their interior designer or contractor because they did not connect first with what they really wanted emotionally. We call this The Disconnected Design Trap™. When you fall into this trap, you waste a lot of time and money, feel stressed, and worried and ultimately do not achieve your vision.

This is why we created The Collective Connection Process™.  To get a better outcome, we learned it's important to connect first with what you really want emotionally. By engaging in a Collective Connection Conversation you are taking the first step to avoid the Disconnected Design Trap.  You will feel more relaxed and confident. And you will achieve your vision.

Our program has four key elements:

  1. Collectively connect to discover what you really want emotionally

  2. Have honest and transparent communication

  3. Engage in collaborative and detailed project management

  4. Access high-quality collective resources all in one place


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